Friday, July 11, 2014

California Plein Air

Enjoyed a nice fourth of July at Lake Tahoe with my wife and baby girl Sophie.  So many amazing memories made with the girls!!  Was able to sneak away during a couple of naps and get some plein air painting in. Here is a quick painting I worked on...on the shores of north Lake Tahoe, just east of Tahoe City.  

In a lot of ways I find Plein Air painting to be like golf for me.  Every time out is equally enjoyable and humbling.  A great hobby where I spend time appreciating the beauty of nature and the challenge of getting the most out of myself with my art in a very short period of time.  This was only the third small outdoor paiting I have done since last fall and I am hoping the rust begins to really come off soon.  Hope you enjoy it.

 Josh Smith

PS.  Everytime I am in Tahoe I am scratching my head wondering why I haven't gotten out to see Clear Creek, the Coore and Crenshaw course down the road towards Carson City.  Got to make that happen.