Friday, February 1, 2013

So Glad Someone Had a Camera ...Streamsong Opening

Tom Doak, golf's most accomplished architect commissioned two Streamsong oil paintings as a gift to the Mosaic company. A year ago, he flew me out to play the juvenile version of the course with him. This was a great moment, as we had never golfed together and I hit shots while taking photos trying to figure out great painting angles, of which there were many. Fast forward a year to last weekend. The weekend was filled with amazing weather, two fantastic courses debuted and great personalities coming together. This presentation happened at the grand opening and it was fantastic as I finally got to meet Ben Crenshaw. He was pretty excited about seeing my painting of his course. He and Bill Coore couldn't have been more complimentary, but of course you would expect nothing less from these two gentlemen. Tom completely caught the ownership off guard with this generous gift. Thanks to Masa Nishijima for the best photo on the subject. Being among these three gentleman and talents is a moment I will never forget. Cheers to a great 2013 and a huge year in my life with the birth of our first Daughter expected within the month!!!!