Friday, March 23, 2012

The Prairie Club...renderings for Tom Lehman

If you are sitting in KFC having lunch and your phone lets you know you have a new voice mail, by all means check it. And if you hear the familiar tv voice of British Open champion Tom Lehman on that message? You ask for a doggie bag and get to a quiet spot and call him back immediately.

Three weeks earlier, I introduced myself to Tom when he was checking in on the restoration of Cal Club during construction. He was one of the qualified architects who was up for the job before it was awarded to Kyle Phillips.

Tom saw a few of my paintings later that day and asked me to come back and chat about them. He then asked me if I had ever painted a course that didn't exist yet...the rest is history. I flew to meet Tom in Valentine, Nebraska twice to drive around the virgin sand hills property. Below is a rendering I did of what Tom and Chris Brands figured the first hole should look like. At the bottom of the page you will find the finished product from a slightly different angle. A very fun project to be involved with. I truly appreciated the opportunity and the chance to meet Tom. He is as down to earth as you may have heard. Thanks Tom.

The par four first hole at The Prairie Club (dunes)

Next lets look forward to the Old School course that will be built at The Prairie Club, by 2016 Olympics golf designer Gil Hanse.

See you soon,